Old Town

The Old Town’s location was marked out in 1253 based on a designated settlement stated in German law. Covering an area of 21 hectares, the Market is centrally located where the Town Hall was also later built. By the end of the thirteenth century, the Royal Castle had been built on the mountain of Przemysl and the entire Old City was encircled by defence walls. Over the centuries that followed, numerous buildings had been constructed and the city was the site of important historical events.

Cathedral Island

It is one of the oldest parts of Poznań. It was the place where the Polish state began. Archaelogical studies show that the first settlement existed here as early as the ninth century. In 10th century, the castle was built which became the largest state of the Piast. In old Polish the word “ostrów” refers to “island” and the term “tumski” means a cathedral.

Castle Quarter

In the early 20th century, the Emperor Wilhelm II Hohen¬zollern ordered the demolition of a nineteenth century fortification of Poznań which blocked the development of the city. In the western section a representative complex of buildings and urban planning was created. The most remarkable is, undoubtedly, the imperial castle with a garden.
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Tours Duration Price per person
1. Old Town 0.5h 30 PLN
2. Cathedral Island 0.5h 30 PLN
3. Castle Quarter 0.5h 30 PLN
4. ANY 2 TRIPS 1h 55 PLN
5. FULL TOUR 1. + 2. + 3. 1.5h 69 PLN
6. FULL TOUR PLUS1. + 2. + 3. 2.0h 80 PLN




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